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Providing support and services for more than 500 children and adults with learning disabilities and their families across Cumbria.
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In full bloom

Our new garden area complete with bench is really looking good now and is the ideal place to chill out and enjoy lunch when visiting our main office.

Posted Thursday, 26th August 2021

The flowers and plants are in full bloom around our new garden area and bench outside our main office here on Kingmoor Park North.

The area has been developed thanks to a marvellous £400 grant from the Cumbria Youth Alliance. The project also had the full support and backing of Kingmoor Park Properties.

Members of our Independence Studio, based at the Grace Little Centre, made the very short journey to the main office to help plant flowers and shrubs around the new seating area, helped by staff members and volunteers.

But the area isn't just for the use of those connected with Carlisle Mencap. Anyone else who, for instance, works at one of the other many businesses on Kingmoor Park, or dog walkers and nearby residents just out for a stroll are more than welcome to sit down and enjoy the blooms, have a spot of lunch, or just chill.

THANK YOU for your support ...