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New High Sheriff meets our members

The new High Sheriff of Cumbria visited Cumbria Wildlife Trust's Gosling Sike site and met several Carlisle Mencap volunteers and staff, as well as CEO Sheila Gregory.

Posted Wednesday, 14th April 2021

DAVID Beeby, the new High Sheriff of Cumbria, met Carlisle Mencap volunteers who regularly help out at the Gosling Sike organic farm and nature site run by Cumbria Wildlife Trust.

Mr Beeby, who took over as High Sheriff on March, is also the chair of the Cumbria Community Foundation (CCF) trustees and CCF fundholder, was visiting Gosling Sike at Houghton, and later the Watchtree Nature Reserve at Wiggonby, along with his partner Soo Redshaw, Jim Johnston (CCF trustee and fundholder), Valerie Young (CCF trustee and honorary treasurer), and Kevin Walsh, (CCF trustee and chair of the Mains Grants Committee).

At Gosling Sike they met several Carlisle Mencap service users, plus team leaders Dan Campbell and Rebecca Carey and CEO Sheila Gregory. Our service users often volunteer to help out on the farm and the wildlife site and recently were heavily involved in the Cumbria Wildlife Trust's Get Cumbria Buzzing! initiative which involved planting bee-friendly flowers.

Mr Beeby is a west Cumbrian businessman. He said: “Alongside my business career I have been involved in several charitable roles including Chair of The Princes Trust in Cumbria and member of the management committee at Calvert Trust. I am currently Chair of Trustees of Cumbria Community Foundation and Chair of Cumbria CBI. I am also involved in working with a small number of companies.”

He plans to use his year in office to highlight and encourage opportunities for young people to advance, be confident, committed and community minded.

His partner Soo, has spent a large part of her life working with and for young people and is trustee of the national youth organisation, An important thread thoughout my life is working with and for young people. I am a trustee of a national youth organisation, the British Exploring Society.

You can see more photographs of Carlisle Mencap members and staff during the visit of the High Sheriff at our special Gallery on this website and also on our Facebook page.





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