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Carlisle Mencap launches ‘Keeping Safe Online’ resource

CUMBRIA’S Police and Crime Commissioner Peter McCall attended the online launch of our ‘Keeping Safe Online’ digital resource packs, supported by his Community Covid19 Recovery Fund.

Posted Tuesday, 30th March 2021

CARLISLE Mencap's award-winning Independence studio team  has launched its latest project - Keeping Safe Online.

Cumbria's Police and Crime Commissioner Peter McCall attended the online launch of our ‘Keeping Safe Online’ digital resource packs, supported by his Community Covid19 Recovery Fund. Carlisle Mencap were recently awarded £4,700 for a project to produce a variety of easy and accessible online advice packs and workshops for people with learning difficulties. 

So our Independence Studio has produced five easy accessible digital workshops bringing together previous videos. 

Subjects covered are hate crime, mate crime, sexual exploitation, fire safety and cyber crime. At the end of this article are the links to the five videos. There are also written supporting items available to go with the videos and these are available through our Facebook page or can be sent to you via email by contacting

The materials are designed to be used by individuals at home on their own or with support, via Zoom sessions or in small groups. 

Mr McCall said: “The vast majority of support mechanisms for vulnerable people have been disrupted with various day centres and community centres still closed. Vulnerable people living at home with families or in supported living are withdrawing into their bedrooms with their computers as their only friend, with all the associated risks. Also, many of those who live alone in the community, have no access to their support mechanisms and are totally at risk of online abuse.

“The ‘Keeping Safe’ project has produced five easy and accessible digital workshops covering topics such as online crime, fraud/theft, sexual abuse and exploitation, hate/mate crime and fire safety. They are available to anyone and have been designed to use either on your own or with groups of people online and it’s great to see the members from Carlisle Mencap involved in so much of the design and production.  

Sheila Gregory, CEO at Carlisle Mencap, said: “We are delighted once again to have received support from the Police and Crime Commissioner’s Office to allow our award-winning Independence Studio to produce this Keeping Safe Online digital resource packs. In this day and age of more and more social media interactions it is vital that vulnerable people like those with learning disabilities are protected from online abuse including hate crime and sexual exploitation.”  

If you would like any further information about this project, email:
If you have been a victim of cybercrime, please call the police on 101 or contact Victim Support on 0808 1689 111

Cyber crime

Fire Safety

Sexual exploitation

Mate crime

Hate crime


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