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Flu jabs - make sure you get yours

THE NHS in Cumbria is urging people of all ages who have a learning disability to get a flu jab.

Posted Monday, 2nd November 2020

It is vitally important that people with a learning disability receive a flu vaccination. The NHS in north Cumbria has issued a series of short films on all aspects of flu jabs including why people should have them, and how you can help other people from catching the flu.

Here are all the links to the flu films:

Annual Health Check and Flu Film here:

1. Who should get the flu jab? 

2. How do I get the flu jab? 

3. Why do I need to get the flu jab? 

4. Can the flu jab give you the flu?

5. Does the flu jab hurt?

6. How can I help other people from catching the flu?

THANK YOU for your support ...